Sales and marketing management to increase profitability of the mountain resort

The profitability of any ski resort, understood as the existing relationship between the invested resources and the profit, depends among other aspects on the effective management of marketing and sales strategies.

To achieve the success of your mountain resort, marketing and sales activities must be successfully developed in all phases of your business: from planning and development of objectives, to an optimal execution so that the results are as expected.

As international ski consultants, we offer to apply our experience in order to lead the ski season successfully and to increase ski resort profitability.

Below, we present you the main problems faced by ski resorts in terms of sales and marketing:

  • Scarce marketing budget

Sometimes ignorance of the specific impact of marketing actions results in insufficient budget, which in many cases causes marketing actions to be ineffective and not to meet the predicted expectations.

  • Lack of focus: many low-impact efforts

Lack of focus leads to the ineffective use of resources, which ends up meaning a low impact and, therefore, a squandered budget. In general, it’s better to do few high-impact actions than many low-impact ones.

  • Unawareness of customers preferences and perception

Some mountain businesses don’t have the expected success and marketing strategies don’t seem to work, not because they don’t know how to manage the business or because the ski resort operations are not effective, but simply because they don’t know the specific market they are targeting at, which can be, not only current customers, but also new customer profiles to attract.

  • Aiming for the wrong market

Ski resorts that focus their activities towards an audience that doesn’t satisfy the needs of profitability, assume risks that require high investments for their correction.

From the “stealing customers from neighbors” orientation to the “joint growth with neighbors” orientation, some ski resorts are oriented solely to try to capture market share at the expense of the neighboring resort, instead of trying to join efforts with other resorts and increase the relevance of the destination.

Key success factors

Given that sales and marketing management has a great impact on the mountain business, an extraordinary performance is required in this area, highlighting 5 main aspects:

  1. Know the competition

The analysis of the competition is essential for the implementation of your marketing plan. For this, we would need to evaluate the market’s potential at a national and/or international level, define the target market and then carry out the analysis of the clients’ habits and preferences, define strengths and weaknesses, as well as carry out market studies.

  1. Have a clear strategy

Marketing strategies must be adapted to the reality of your ski area management. To define the clear and appropriate marketing and sales strategy, a strategic plan and annual action plans must be elaborated. The first step consists in concentrating on few, but powerful, actions suited to the goal. In second place, the experience tells us that the actions that are generally more recommended are creating promotion packages, implementing the web, social networks, and apps and developing a powerful booking platform.

  1. Create a highly professional department

Based on our experience as an international ski consulting company we can determine key steps to create a powerful and functional marketing and sales area. In the first place, the scope of this area has to be defined, with its objectives, resources and a powerful leader who will design and supervise the marketing strategy and its guidelines. Secondly, a team of correspondents has to be established in the area, a program of ski resort team trainings must be implemented and incentives linked to performance must be established.

  1. Join efforts with neighbors

To ensure the ski resort sustainability and potentiate its development, bonds must be created with other stakeholders in the sector in order to establish coordinated guidance actions to the target customer. Resource sharing is advised (budget, assets, technology and personnel), as well as integrating the development plans in line with the strategy of the destination’s public authorities.

  1. Generate a powerful brand

Having a powerful brand that covers products or services of your ski resort is essential to stand out in a world of growing competitiveness in mountain businesses. The better we develop our brand, the easier we will be able to attract our customers. Any ski resort that aspires to stand out must seek to develop itself considering the following basic attributes: guarantee a good quality product, generate high-level marketing materials (videos, images, web). Whether to create a new brand, develop it or reposition it, it’s essential to attract traffic to the proper channels (web, call center and physical facilities), and most importantly: continue investing and innovating.

Knowledge and efficiency based on a good methodology have a direct correlation with the optimization of the marketing and sales resources, which results in a higher investment return. Through the recommendations of ski resort advisors in marketing and sales, decisions that are more accurate can be made, and these will allow making a mountain resort more profitable.