PGI is to carry out the tourism development plan for Quba and Qusar

PGI Management and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan have signed an agreement to carry out the development of the regional plan for the touristic zones of Quba and Qusar in Azerbaijan.

The project includes the design of the future plan for the touristic development of the regions of Quba and Qusar, and will include the definition of tourism products and the necessary infrastructure, the place where its implementation will be most adequate, the optimal use of the region, the necessary investment and its cost-effectiveness, among other aspects.

PGI will carry out the plan which consists of several stages that include performing the necessary analysis for setting up the fundamental principles of the planning and the analysis of the current situation of tourism in the region, as well as the global tendencies that could be applicable. The mountain resort advisors in PGI will define the tourism strategy, the business model and the development plan for each of the potential zones that have been targeted and will design the Master Plan and specify each of the different units of the tourism products with maximum detail.

The tourism consultants from PGI will analyze the technical and financial viability, making sure that the proposed development is competitive, cost effective, and viable in technical terms, which will guarantee the attractiveness for tourism and for investment in the region.
This plan for touristic development will help the Republic of Azerbaijan to generate prosperity in the tourism sector, creating new jobs and business opportunities, and generating high economic and social impact.

Since 2012, PGI Management has been working in Azerbaijan, managing the ski station and the hotels at Shahdag, becoming a strategic asset as much at a regional level as at a national one. The team from PGI has participated in every phase of the development of the touristic destinations and resorts: conceptualization and design, construction and operations. The profound understanding of the tendencies of tourism and the experience of PGI as an international mountain operator allow for the creation of innovative products, the attainment of success and the guarantee of maximum quality.