PGI carries out the tourism development Master Plan for Al Dakhiliyah in Oman

Tourism development in Al'dakhiliyah, Oman

PGI Management and the Ministry of Tourism of Oman have signed an agreement to carry out the tourism development Master Plan for the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah in Oman.

The plan consists of several stages that include the elaboration of the vision and development strategy, which include data collection and analysis, tourism development vision and tourism development strategy.

PGI’s tourism advisors will prepare the preliminary tourism development master plans, phasing and prioritization of tourism development sites and estimation of demand for facilities and Infrastructure.

Secondly, PGI’s specialists will define investment plans and economic impacts, management and institutional aspects and implementation strategy and phases.

Finally, PGI’s tourism consultants will analyze investment promotion, which include final tourism development master plans and investment promotion brochures.

The Tourism Development Master Plan that PGI has initiated will provide the framework for the development, management and tourism sustainability of Al Dakhiliyah Governorate. This plan for tourism development will help the region to identifying the opportunities for growth in order to generate prosperity in the tourism sector and high economic and social impact.