PGI carries out the Mendoza’s High Mountain Tourism Development Plan

PGI group’s company, Mil Outdoor, and the Ente Mendoza Turismo (Emetur) have signed an agreement to carry out high mountain tourism development in Mendoza, Argentina, where among others you can find the Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas.

The project will present the design of the future tourism development plan, and will include the execution of the external tourism analysis, the definition of the product and the marketing strategy.

In first place, PGI will carry out the analysis in order to have a vision about the general tendencies in High Mountain tourism and to know the best practices to apply in the future tourism strategy. To make sure the plan is sustainable, PGI’s mountain resort consultants will plan the objectives with Emetur in order to define an adequate strategy for the future.

Secondly, PGI’s tourism advisors will define the product / cluster level strategy. First, priority locations (clusters) will be selected for Mendoza’s High Mountain tourism development. Subsequently, for each one of these clusters identified with greater tourism potential, they will proceed to determine the tourist products in which each cluster can be competitive for its specific target audience.

Finally, PGI’s mountain business advisors will elaborate a brand and positioning strategy, with the objective of getting people to know the High Mountain destination in Mendoza, and a communication strategy and commercialization channels.

PGI’s knowledge and experience in tourism development will help improve Mendoza’s competitiveness, create a quality product and be more attractive to potential visitors. And in the end, turn Mendoza’s High Mountain into a profitable and sustainable tourist destination.