Outdoor activities in the development of tourism destinations

In PGI we have been developing tourism destinations and offering memorable experiences of outdoor activities all around the world for over 60 years. We operate a great variety of outdoor activities, assisting our clients in any phase of the life cycle of the project: from the design and construction to the operation and growing.

We currently manage international projects in more than 15 countries, in four continents.

PGI offers a wide range of products and services for all possible conditions in different natural environments, societies and cultures. From winter ski resorts, to the arctic waters of Greenland, going through the glaciers of the Argentinian Patagonia and the tropical forests of Costa Rica.

In addition, our business model consists in a whole year offer that includes both summer and winter activities.

Several international tourism brands, highly specialized in outdoor activities businesses, have born from the PGI group: Mil Outdoor, PGI Greenland, Wildthentic, offering unforgettable kayak activities in several environments, Cross Fire mountain bike circuit, rafting, mushing, snowmobiles, etc.

For the development of its activities, PGI Management counts with the support of an operations and consultancy team with more than 800 experts passionate about outdoors.

The outdoor activities provided by PGI companies are bound by the principles of security, efficiency and memorability. From PGI we want to make sure the customers will live a unique experience, but following the strictest of international security controls.

PGI’s knowledge and experience for the development of outdoor activities allow destinations to become more attractive for their visitors and safer for their operators. After all, more successful and profitable.