First Weeks at Amirsoy Mountain Resort

It has been almost 2 months since the grand opening of the Amirsoy Mountain Resort, operated by Pas Grau International in Uzbekistan.

We have talked to our PGI team members, who lead the Amirsoy Project, and asked them to share with us their impressions and plans for the future development of the mountain resort:

Thomas Thor-Jensen, Operations Director

“Amirsoy, what an incredible project!

There was nothing just 2 years ago, not even a road to drive up there. Since the opening on the 21st of December 2019, we have had days reaching more than 7000 visitor/ day. The number of skiers increases day after day, we have already ordered more ski rental equipment and the number of ski instructors has been more than doubled since the opening. Customers from Russia, China and all countries around Uzbekistan are coming to ski in Amirsoy.

During the summer 2020 Amirsoy will extend the snowmaking system and start the construction of new slopes. Being a part of this incredible project is a real professional pleasure.”

Iñaki Rodriguez, Hotels General Manager

“The Grand opening of Amirsoy Mountain Resort and Le Chalet by Amirsoy has finally happened, and we have witnessed how a new great travel destination has been introduced to the public. I would definitely admit that the pre-opening stage was probably the most challenging I’ve had so far in my career, passing through so many challenges and still managing to open – successfully gives a great feeling. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of such a big project, at the same time being a part of modern history of the country, as this is the very first and unique mountain resort like this opened in Uzbekistan.

Being Hotels General Manager of Amirsoy, I believe it is very promising that the hospitality industry will prosper in Uzbekistan, as Amirsoy would be the right “push” and a good motivator towards growth and development. I also trust that, thanks to Amirsoy, the popularity of winter sports will start growing in the country more and more and definitely will give another great option for the visitors to pass their weekends and holidays at a great destination.

I truly believe that the resort itself has a great future and a huge potential to grow bigger and bigger, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties that are still yet to come. I am sure Amirsoy, after the full opening will be a marvelous destination not only for locals but for the visitors from other countries as well.”

PGI Team is extremely proud of such a successful start of Amirsoy Project, and we are looking forward to hearing more news and plans for its development.

All detailed information about the resort can be found on the official website of Amirsoy Mountain Resort.